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Who In Their Right Mind Would Make This Game??

My name will, unfortunately, have to remain a mystery ;) (for employment reasons). There are two creators in this game. One of them is actually going to school for graphic design and the other is not. Can you guess who made the website? Hint: it's not the one going to school for graphic design LOL! However, both of us are friends IRL which is pretty swag 😎

ANYWAYS. Design School Creator made the baseline coding for Goofy's Bar Crawl. They made the side path (what you can play as the teaser) and the beginning pages (where you choose your character and bard). I just copy and pasted this code to make the rest of the game. Both of us mapped the entire game, I just kinda built off of it to make it more cursed than originally mapped (for better or for worse). We have been friends since middle school and Goofy's Bar Crawl has been haunting me ever since its creation, hence this website being built for the game to be publicly accessible.

Here's a little bit about myself though without revealing too much information. I am an adult living somewhere in Canada! I'm also queer, trans, and autistic, and go by he/they/ae! I could not give less of a shit if you don't like that 💗 Apart from the hell that is Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure, I really like the band Crywank, playing way too much Dragonvale, learning about space, and cats! I also really like collecting tiny little figurines and just covering every windowsill with them because it's fun! I think more people should collect little tiny things that make them happy :)

Picrew by lobotomii💗