Welcome to Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure!

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Oh? You want MORE Goofy's Bar Crawl? Well h

ere ya go you fruity little bastards /affectionate

GBCA Fun Facts!!!!!

Fact 1:

the side path was the first completed part of the game

and it was made by the second creator!

← Click this image to access the official Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure tumblr! I post updates on the game here! If you wish (or dare) to communicate with me, you can do so there :) xoxo gossip gril 💗 (image creds to @ooofy1202 on Twitter 💗)

GBCA Fun Facts!!!!!!!

Fact 2:

There is a secret path in the game!

Once you enter this path

there is no leaving it.

>Once you enter this path

you cannot escape.

You will be part of his world forever.

← Click this image to access the playlist inspired by Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure! It is on Spotify so if you don't use Spotify RIP I guess :/ Please for the love of fuck do not add anything to the playlist unless you are myself or someone I have approved!!! Oh my god!!!

GBCA Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fact 3:

I know him.

You know him.

Everyone knows him.

But his name dare not be spoken

for once he is summoned, we will all be doomed.

So, dear player, be careful on this bar crawl adventure,

for you may not return the same.