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What The Fuck Is Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure? How Did I End Up Here???

You've got questions, and I have very few answers for you. Goofy's Bar Crawl Adventure is a poorly-made internet curse. It is a choose-you-own-adventure game made lovingly in Windows Notepad :). This project was started when the creators were in 10th grade and needed an outlet for their unhingedness, and Goofy's Bar Crawl was just the place to put it!

Before I explain what the game is and how it works, please be aware that you MUST be 18+ to play this game. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the game that lists what you can expect out of it in terms of content warnings, but if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Thank u 💗

Playing the game is pretty simple! It works just like a regular choose-your-own-adventure. You start out by choosing your character and bard (aka the background music). Your character and bard choices have no effect on the game, so don't worry about "choosing the right one"! It is also not obligatory to choose a bard, so don't worry about that either :) As of right now, there are over 200 total pages in the full game and 15 endings, and it is not even half finished yet. My current goal is to finish the game at some point, I have no idea when it will be completed. It's like, half done though, so that's something!

If you're wondering why the website and game look poorly made, it's because they are! It adds to the overall vibe of the game and I have no plans on making it look "good". This is also the best I can currently do LOL I'm very new at HTML stuff.

IF YOU SEE THAT I HAVE USED YOUR ART IN THIS GAME OR WEBSITE, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT GOOFYSBARCRAWL@GMAIL.COM WITH THE PAGE NUMBER OR URL SO THAT I CAN CREDIT YOU!!! Most of the images in this game have either been found on Pinterest or have been made by me. I try to find the original artists by using reverse image search but that does not always work reliably, so if you see that I've used your art, please let me know!!! I would like to credit you!!!

Upon the game's full release (again, no idea when that's going to happen), if you have any suggestions for me to improve the game (in terms of accessibility, not content (unless there is something in the game that you believe I should include on the Disclaimer page)) please feel free to contact me using the aforementioned email or through Tumblr (on the site's External Links page)!! I would like to be able to make this game as accessible as I can! If it is not accessible to you, please let me know and we can work on a solution! :) 💗

image creds to @ooofy1202 on Twitter 💗